The first time

The first time I seen him I knew I would love him.

He came into my work to see his mother. Army uniform. The closest to perfect that I’d ever seen.

He carried himself in such a way that you knew without a doubt that he wanted you to notice him. He had a kind of newly acquired arrogance. The kind that said “look at me now”. The kind that lead you to believe he spent his whole life going unnoticed and suddenly he was worth noticing…and I definitely noticed.

That dark hair, his rugged features. What I wouldn’t have done to just touch him, all over. Even if only for a moment.

He came in sporadically. Every time saying just enough to make my heart skip a beat. “Hey. How’s it goin?” “Is my mom in the back?” “I’m just living the dream.”

I recall at one point going out to a bar with a friend of mine, I guess I can’t really call him a friend – we worked together at my first job, he was always kind of a tool but he was attractive so I didn’t turn down the opportunity to catch up with him. When we got to the bar Dan was there, I was surprised that they knew each other and almost instantly felt like I was out with the wrong person. We didn’t stay for long.

Some time went by. It’s kind of a blur. Fast forward what I think is a couple of years. One day he comes in with a cast on. It seemed he had severely injured himself while on leave. Looked like the army would be retiring him early.

One day Dan came in with this girl. I was jealous. Like a school girl. I couldn’t even make eye contact with him. His mom said “This is my ‘daughter in law’ Megan. She’s pregnant!” I jokingly asked, “Was it planned? (Yeah) Well then congrats.” And that’s the last I heard of the pregnancy.


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