Grabbing a beer

After several more trips into my work to see his mother he mentioned taking me out for that beer, he was sure to point out that it didn’t actually have to be a beer. I finally took him up on his offer.

We went to this shit hole bar, the kind of place you should really only go to when you’re completely hammered and you’ve been kicked out of every other bar in the area. Seeing it in broad daylight really set the mood.

I was nervous. He was so damn hot. How can someone make jeans and a tshirt look so fucking good? It just didn’t seem fair. Me on the other hand, I was a mess. I didn’t spend nearly enough time in front of a mirror to even begin to keep up with something like that.

We talked for awhile. Mostly nonsense. I asked him about his girlfriend and his time in the army. He asked me about my boyfriend and if I liked working where I was. We talked about our families, I knew most of his from coming into the store.

After a few drinks we decided to call it a day. Before we got into our vehicles I sheepishly told him that we should do that again. He almost seemed surprised that I wanted to meet up with him again, but he agreed that we should.

We continued to meet at shit hole bars. Looking back, I think we met up at least once a week. I don’t really know how either of us got away with it. More than a few times Al would ask what took me so long to get home, and if I had been drinking. I lied, and I am sure he knew.

I looked forward to our outings. More than anything else.


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