2 weeks

2 weeks later I was on the move. Packing up everything I own and heading to my new apartment. For the first time in my life I would be living alone.

For awhile I made weekly trips back home, I had some classes to finish. Less and less I stayed with the boyfriend, I made excuses to stay with my parents or I would stay in a hotel with Dan, rarely did I even tell anyone that I was in town. When classes were over he began making trips down to see me. We would alternate, he would come to see me for a night then I would drive home to see him. Where the hell did his girlfriend possibly think he was going?

After the first few visits to my apartment it was obvious I needed to upgrade some furniture. I went and bought a new bed which was long over due. Within 5 hours of having the damn thing he was at my apartment to test it out. Almost immediately we snapped the font legs off the fucking frame. Talk about an awkward trip to the store to return it…

After awhile I stopped driving up. He would come down and stay the night once or twice a week. He even made a point to come down for several days at a time as much as he could. Again, where the hell did she think he was at??? Honestly, I didn’t care what she thought. I lived for the times I could see him, it wasn’t just the amazing sex….it was something more.

We used to frequent this bar in Comstock Park called Vitales. It seemed like we were there every Wednesday, the bartender was great. She always took care of us, strong drinks and great food, she even let us steal glasses from time to time. Having dinner, some drinks and shooting pool became part of the routine and it was a blast.

Months went by. After a night of drinking he climbed on top of me and begged for me to tell him what I was thinking, what I was feeling. Other than him being pressed up against me I was feeling a range of emotions. I knew I was in over my head but I couldn’t find the words to tell him. And then, all of a sudden, there it was. He said he loved me.

Words cannot explain how this made me feel. I loved him too. But what did this mean for our relationship? Could it even be called a relationship? A fucklationship?


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