Big game hunting

So you may be curious how Dave and I met. Funny story.

When I first moved across the state I was so lonely, I didn’t know anyone outside of work. Coincidentally around that time my bff had started sharing with me some absolutely insane craigslist posts. Holy fuck are people into some weird shit.

Almost every night I passed the time on Craigslist, reading about people’s sick fantasies. One night I decided to post an ad, nothing sick, just an ad looking for someone to hang out with. The title of my ad was “big game hunting”, a poor choice in retrospect because I almost immediately received 100 emails, most of them thinking that I was a prostitute haha.

And then came a message, from a normal looking guy that seemed pretty legit. Definitely older than me, but that was ok. We agreed to meet at B-dubs for some drinks. It was nice, we jokes around a lot and both got a little tipsy. He told me he had 2 kids, was going through a divorce (this comes in to play later). I asked him if we could do this again, he seemed shocked but said we might be able to.

We parted ways. I sent him an email, telling him I had fun. We exchanged phone numbers. It wasn’t too long before we hung out again. We spent quite a bit of time hitting up bars and clubs in downtown Grand Rapids.

One night he got me so trashed. I don’t recall exactly what happened when we got to the truck but when I woke up in his bed, completely dressed, my head hurt so fucking bad I could hardly function. He informed me that when we got to be truck I climbed in, immediately decided I needed to puke and instead of casually leaning out I dove head first into the nerf bar before bouncing my head off the concrete curb. Classy.

We had dinner a couple of times and one day he asked if I’d like to go out on his boat. I agreed. During the drive down to the lake the thought occurred to me, I don’t really know this guy….what if he kills me and dumps my body in the lake…he didn’t.


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