4 months

4 months went by before Dave and I decided to be a couple. Dave is a great guy, he’s hilarious. And also a cocky fucker. Always making jokes, sometimes at other’s expense. He had his fair share of jabs at me. So, when we finally decided to make love for the first time I waited until he was done to drop a bomb shell. He was quiet, and I said “we need to talk”. I let a minute or so pass by before I finally said…..”I have herpes”. He almost shit himself while simultaneously falling off the bed. By the time I finally told him I was joking I was just about ready to call an ambulance, he may have had a minor heart attack. Hilarious.

Things were great for almost a year. My parents loved him, my sister loved him. We traveled home all the time, I think one of my favorite memories is when we went to the dunes and spent the day on quads. His kids were awesome, they seemed to like me alright. We had plenty of great times, we tossed around the idea of moving in together. He even offered to let me quit my job so I could focus solely on finishing my degree.

One night after dinner at his mother’s house we were sitting around watching a movie. His sister was there with her son. Hunter, the nephew, was being so mean to her. I finally had to say something, simply told him to be nice with his mom. I forget what was said next but within a few moments he and Dave were practically in a fist fight. They exchanged some heated words, the argument ended with hunter making a bombshell announcement. Dave was still married.

I calmly grabbed my things and left the house. Days went by without any contact. Finally Dave asked me if we could talk. We met at my apartment, I asked what the fuck was going on. Initially Dave said he wasn’t still married. When I said I didn’t believe him he admitted that the divorce was never finalized. While he did tell me when he first met he was going through a divorce, my slightly inebriated state helped me to forget all about that. And after 6 months and several appointments with a lawyer I just assumed everything had been taken care of. I was wrong.

I’m stubborn. After a few days of debating, I decided I couldn’t accept this situation and told him it was over. That was it. We didn’t speak again.

Looking back, I shouldn’t have assumed the divorce was final. Honestly, I had forgotten that we was even in the middle of one when we first started seeing each other. I didn’t plan to date the guy, or love the guy. I was just looking for something fun to do at the time.


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