Camo hoodies

So that brings us to my current relationship. If you read my intro you should know that getting married was never in my plans.

When Dave and I ended it was more complicated than just losing a boyfriend. I jumped into a relationship with Dave to distract me from losing Dan. With Dave gone I had no distraction any more, I was forced to face things that I wasn’t ready to.

After a couple weeks of feeling sorry for myself I decided I was ready for the next distraction. I remembered having an account with years ago, within a few minutes I figured out my old password and was in. I updated my profile slightly and added some new photos. It didn’t take long to have a date lined up.

I had several dates lined up actually. To be honest, I can’t even recall their names. Dinner, movies, drinks, etc. They were nice guys, but I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. One night I was scrolling through the “people who want to meet you” list. I came across this guy, he was good looking and he was wearing camo….pretty much all I needed to see to click the “mutual interest” option on the screen.

He messaged me the next day. Told me his name was Justin. We went back and forth for a couple of days, it seemed like he was always working and took forever to reply to my messages. We exchanged numbers and I told him to call me later that night.

He spent a majority of our time on the phone singing songs, rapping nonsense. He was funny, kind of weird, but I like it. I was on my way to a meeting at work, I can’t recall where he was going but we agreed to talk more about a possible date and got off the phone.

That was a Sunday. We set a date for Wednesday. I always ask what kind of attire would be appropriate for a date, is this super casual or are you expecting me to dress up? Thank god he said casual. For some reason B-dubs is a popular place for first dates. We met there before I had class. It was your typical first date, getting to know each other. I asked if we could hang out again. He asked if I would come to his house, he would cook me dinner. He asked if our second date could be a “camo hoodie date”, I knew I then that I was probably going to marry this guy.


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