Don’t get me wrong, we had a lot of great times and so much fun. Hell within 3 months we were talking about getting married.

But there were these lies. Stupid little lies. All the time.

  1. He told me he was going to Meijer to do some grocery shopping. When I got to his house I noticed a bag from Dunhams on the stairs. I asked if he had also stopped there while he was out and about after shopping at Meijer. He said no, and when I looked at the receipt it showed that day’s date. He asked why I was looking through his stuff, I asked why he was lying…
  2. We were at Meijer together, when we got into the store I went to the bathroom. Upon leaving the bathroom I saw him, in the center of the store talking to a couple. I decided to try an experiment. I called his phone and got sent to voicemail, I decided to walk around the perimeter of the store. I again saw him talking to that couple, I tried to call his phone and again was sent to voicemail. I made it all the way around the store when he finally called me back, when I asked where he was he said that he was walking through the sporting goods section and didn’t feel his phone vibrate….I called him out on his lie and he simply stated “I guess I just don’t know why I lied about that.”
  3. He told me he was going to the lake, alone to take photos of ducks. I know right? Anyway, he spent hours down by the lake. When he got home his camera was on the counter, when I looked through it I saw pictures of him with his douche bag buddy holding a beer. Why lie about that?
  4. We both had snapchat. I noticed that in his favorites there was a screen name that was obviously a female. Time and time again she showed up as his number one, and he was not sending me pictures at all those days. I asked who she was and he said “just a friend”. When I searched for her on Facebook it was obvious they had dated in the past. He finally came clean and admitted they dated. He claimed they were just sending pictures of their dogs back and forth. Shortly after we both deleted the app.
  5. One day I got onto his computer to send a quick work email. When I looked through his browser history (don’t hate me, I was curious), I found lots of porn and visits to Craigslist personals. When I called him out on it he said “I was just looking at them because they were funny”…..this whole situation comes into play again soon.

When he proposed, I said yes. But we had a nice long conversation about his lies. If you are going to lie about stupid shit you are probably also lying about big shit. And in time I found out this was exactly what was happening.


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