The beard 

So during our fourth and final training session we discussed the possibility of an extended “board and train” type program for the pup. My depression affects so many aspects of my life that sometimes, something as simple as teaching a dog to “stay” can be a challenge. 

We decided we’d talk more about it in the future and left it at that. 

And then he followed me on instagram. And sent me a friend request on Facebook. It seemed a little odd, I mean…are we best friends now or what?

We made small talk for an hour or so one afternoon and at some point in the conversation he said “I love how much you swear in all the videos you post on Facebook.” And then it hit me…

If he could see those videos, he certainly could have seen the one in which I mentioned wanting to touch his beard. Sure enough, he saw it! And when he said “So you ONLY liked the beard huh?” I knew things were about to get heavy. 

And they did. 

He asked if I’d be interested in a company hoodie, I said yes and asked if he could get me a tank top – I said that I liked showing off my tattoos. He followed that with, “and your boobs huh?” Well…that too haha. 

After awhile we talked about the mutual attraction that we had for one another. Which was quite shocking. He’s far too good looking for someone like me. He said that he had already “beat it” to the thought of me several times. And whether or not that’s true, I needed to hear it. 

It didn’t take long before things really got heavy. Full on sexting, pictures and videos. Things I’ve NEVER done before. But this guy, this dog trainer, had woken something up inside of me that had long been dormant. And I loved it. 


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