Listen, I never thought that I would actually cheat on my husband. I took my vows pretty seriously. But this marriage…I feel like it was destined to fail. I was lied to, I was misled, I married under false pretenses. The physical attraction has long been gone. There is no passion left. 

But something awakened in me when I met this dog trainer. And it brought a hurricane like force that I could not avoid. 

He doesn’t live too far from me but it just so happens that he takes college classes just a few minutes up the road. By Friday we had decided that he’d come by between classes the following Monday. 

My husband had agreed to do some landscaping for him and as a family we decided to make a trip to his home that Sunday. To see the property and meet his family. Yeah, his wife and kids.

Things went smooth. Nice house, really nice. His wife was someone that I felt I could be friends with, strange considering I can’t stand most women. And his kids were great, my son got along so well with his youngest. 

I caught him checking me out. Which was…refreshing. To have someone as attractive as him appreciating the way I looked felt amazing. And he was almost irresistible. 

His hairstyle still very much resembles that of what you’d expect from someone in the military – high and tight. Very short on the sides and just long enough on the top to make you want to run your fingers through it and give it a nice little tug. 

The visit went well. I so badly wanted to text him as we were leaving but I kept my composure. Only a few minutes had passed before my phone vibrated. The text was from him. All it said was: “Monday.”

And there it was. That feeling. The one you get when you reach the peak of a rollercoaster and begin the fast descent. My stomach dropped, my heart was racing and this feeling of warmth rushed over me. I responded with: “Yes please.”


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